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Our Story

Our story begins in a small farm village on the outskirts of Backnang, Germany, shortly before the ravages of the Second World War, where a young boy was born and raised in the simple lifestyle of the countryside. He grew up milking cows, picking apples, making hay and binding wheat into bundles in the fields.

This young boy was Helmut Trinkle who, at the young age of 14, left the rustic farmhouse to become an apprentice at one of most well-known bakeries of the bustling city of Stuttgart. Upon the completion of his training, Helmut went on to work in several different bakeries and learn the secrets behind the production of traditional German goods.

After migrating to Canada in the 1960s, Helmut opened his first Bakery, which was a great success. His success enabled him to open additional outlets, through which he gained invaluable experience.

In the 1970s, Helmut and his growing family boarded The Canberra, embarking on an exciting adventure across the sea to their new homeland, Australia.

Lobethal Bakery, Our Story, Helmut Trinkle
Lobethal Bakery, Our Story, 3 Brothers
Lobethal Bakery, Our Story, Food Preparation

The family eventually settled in the picturesque valley of Lobethal, a quiet town situated in the scenic Adelaide Hills. In 1975, ‘The Lobethal Bakery’ opened its doors.

As Helmut’s children grew, they each in turn joined the business. Today ‘The Lobethal Bakery’ boasts outlets in Lobethal, Woodside, Stirling, Mt Barker and Balhannah.

Helmut has since retired, and the business continues under the management of three of his sons: Albert, Peter and Paul, who were all trained under the watchful eye of their father.

The three brothers, with their wives and children, join together their ideas, creativity and passion to develop and refine top-quality products. To this day, they continue Helmut’s journey towards excellence in the art of creating authentic breads and handmade pastries and serving up delightful coffee.

And so, the story continues…

The business which started so many years ago in Germany, has now evolved into a family operated Bakery where even the youngest members of the clan get to help out … clearing away piles of dishes, taste testing new products or taking a bread delivery trip with dad.

Either way, there is usually yummy food involved!

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