Helmut Trinkle, the founder of Lobethal Bakery, was born in Germany. He began his baker’s apprenticeship in Stuttgart at the young age of 14 years. After completion of his training he worked in several bakeries learning the secrets behind producing traditional German goods.

He then migrated to Canada and continued his baking career. He opened his first Bakery in the 1960’s which was a great success. This led to the opening of additional outlets and opportunities from which he gained invaluable experience.

In the 1970’s he and his growing family moved to Australia. The Lobethal Bakery was established in 1975 in the lovely, quiet town of Lobethal situated in the Adelaide Hills. Needless to say, the bakery flourished. As Helmut’s children grew, they each in turn joined the business.

Today, the Lobethal Bakery boasts outlets in Woodside, Stirling, Mt Barker and Balhannah. Helmut has since retired and the business is continued by his sons whom he taught the skills of German baking. He still maintains a watchful eye to ensure taste, quality and freshness abound!